Purple Painted Lady Festival 9-23-17

This was our 3rd year at The Purple Painted Lady Festival, and as usual – this show never disappoints!   There were over 300 artisans to shop from this year!!  The first year we did this show, there were around 50 vendors!  This show continues to grow and just gets better and better every year.  If you stopped by our booth, you probably noticed it looked a little different – because we combined our booth with our good friend, Meghan, of Two Little Red Birds!   Between the two of us, we shared 3 tents.

The weather became a challenge in the afternoon, as temperatures hit near 90º, but everyone still had a great time!  And I’m just thankful it didn’t rain!  The bands played all day long, there were lots of awesome food trucks, a chicken BBQ, an ATM, porta-potties, even lounge areas to rest your feet if needed!  And don’t forget the 300+ raffle items donated by all of the vendors!

We of course had our soaps, soy candles, melts, unpaper towels, lotions, frizzies and some doggie shampoos.  Meghan had all her vinyl work with her funny & inspirational signs on wood, canvas, tumblers, water bottles, onesies and wine glasses!    You can see pictures of our booth from the show below – and remember, anything you see here, can be purchased from the Finger Lakes Artisans store in Victor, NY!  We are open 6 days a week.

You can also see Eartherella & Two Little Birds at the Faith Lutheran Craft Show on Browncroft in Rochester on October 21st, at Holy Childhood on Nov 4, at the Churchmouse Bazaar in Gates on Nov 18th, and at Greece Olympia on Dec 9!  Hope to see you there!

Canandaigua Art & Music Festival 8/14 – 8/16

This past weekend we were set up at the Canandaigua Art & Musical Festival!  This was our first time at this event, and we had a great turnout!  Vendors are all set up along Main Street in Canandaigua, there was a band playing all day, lots of food trucks, and just lots of local vendors to shop from!   The weather cooperated for the most part.  It rained hard for about 1/2 an hour on Friday, but for the rest of the weekend it was beautiful.

Here are a few pictures of our event there!


New product: Hand & Body Lotions!

Ahhh!  We are so excited to finally be rolling out our line of hand & body lotions!  We have been using as many “skin safe” fragrances for our soy candles & melts as we can.  As you probably know, the soy candles we have made with our skin safe fragrances can be used as hand lotions as the wax melts.  And now we offer actual hand & body lotion as well.  All of those scents you see in our handmade soaps – we have available in lotions.   So many amazing fragrances!  So now those candles you love the scent of and wish you could smother all over your body – you can, in lotion form!

Our lotions are thick and creamy, and never greasy, and all contain Aloe Vera Gel.

Shop our hand & body lotions here!

First event of the year at FLCC!

Yesterday was Eartherella‘s first event of the year!  We have made it through winter, and spring has finally arrived.  I just found out a few weeks ago that FLCC was holding a “vendor event” for their students & staff, so thought I would give it a whirl.  It was held on a Monday (yesterday, March 27th) and we were in a room at the end of the hallway.  Since this was held on a Monday, and I had to run my booth alone, I didn’t bring my full stock of products.  But I still had quite a bit to fill up two 6’ tables.

A few soy candle jars & tins, and soy melts were on this table:

On my other table were my soaps, lotions and jumbo lip balms.

It was a very small event, and there were only 5 vendors in the room total.  Here’s a picture of my neighbor’s booth, my good friend Julie Fessner from Crimson Bramble!  Her large chalkboards are a hit at every show!

It wasn’t a very busy show, but everyone who stopped in were so friendly, and we loved meeting the students & faculty members who stopped by.

Want to see where we will be next?  Check out my events page!

Greece Olympia, 12/10/16


This was our 2nd year at Greece Olympia.  We enjoyed this show very much last year and was happy to be a part of it again this year!  We are located in the gym in spot G-57, and have already reserved the same spot for 2017!


This was our last show of the year, and some of my customers actually placed orders ahead of time and picked up their orders at this show (yes, you can do that for any of our shows!)   And, since I disappointed some customers last weekend at School #46 and didn’t have any more lip balms or lotion sticks at that show, I made sure I had them for this show, and made lots of them during this past week.


I also brought my all natural pet products, too!





We had lots of fun at this show, talking to customers and lots of other vendor friends!   Look for us here again next year in the gym, same spot!  Thanks again to everyone who came out not only to this show, but who came out to support us at all of our shows throughout the year.

We wish you all a safe & wonderful Christmas holiday, the happiest of New Year’s, and we will see you next year!

School #46, 12/3/16

This was our 2nd year at School #46 – and it took me several years to finally get into this show!  Last year, this was our 2nd best show of the year, and this year it remained one of our best as well.  We absolutely LOVE this show!


We are always located in the hallway at the top of the stairs on the 2nd floor, not far from the elevator.


I unfortunately did not have a lot of unpaper towels at this event, because I sold so many at Christkindl a few weeks ago, but I still sold a lot of what I had left – and received orders for them after the show as well.   I promise to be better stocked in them next year!  I’m already getting a head start 🙂




We have already paid for our booth for next year, and again will be in the same spot as this year & last year.  I also apologize to our customers who came looking for Shower Frizzies, Lip Balms & Lotion Sticks – as I did not have any left for this show.   I will be fully stocked next year, lesson learned!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us and we thank you for your business!  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Bloomfield Christmas Show 11/19/16

This was our 3rd year at Bloomfield’s Christmas show.   In previous years, there were a lot more vendors – many who even filled the hallways.  But due to a new fire code (?) they were not allowed to have vendors in the hallways this year.  The other change – which I thought was a positive one – was that all vendors had to have handmade items.  So, no direct sales or buy/sell items.

We were set up in the main gym again this year (upon request) and had a double booth.


I will admit, I did not have a whole lot of products.  Christkindl was last weekend, which wiped me out, and I did not have time to make a lot of new products for this show.  Which actually turned out to not be a bad thing, because there weren’t very many customers.   The show was pretty dead for the majority of the day.  A lot of vendors walking around, watching the clock all day long.  I’m unsure why the attendance was so low, as it’s a very well established show.





The weather was a comfortable 68º when we got there and were setting up, and it was 40º and sleeting when we were tearing down after the show!

Thanks to the customers who did stop by to the show this year!

Canandaigua Christkindl Market 11/11 -11/13


This was our first year at Christkindl in Canandaigua.   I can say that this show BLEW US AWAY!  We weren’t sure what to expect.  We attended last year for the first time, as shoppers, and really loved the whole atmosphere of the show and really wanted to be a part of it in 2016.  We applied in January, and got notice in June that we were accepted!   We could not have been happier.

Because we are so local (Clifton Springs, 10 minutes away) – we were allowed to set up our displays (tent & tables) on Wednesday, which we did.  This saved us a lot of time struggling to set up with the rest of the vendors on Thursday.

Even though we set up a couple days before the show officially started, the show was already so festive and decorated for Christmas!


One thing I love about this show, is that all the vendors must have hand crafted products.  Yay for hand-made!   We were also required to decorate our booths for Christmas.





It was so incredibly busy at this show, we had to do a large re-stock on both Saturday & Sunday mornings!   At one point I ran out of jar candles and had to bring in my tins.   Craziness – but in the best possible way!



The crowds!  It was insane – and it was like this all 3 days.  I thought maybe one day would be slow, but not at Christkindl!  This show was hopping every single day, from beginning to end.


Our “un-paper towels” were a HUGE hit.  I had made 70 of them just for this show – and left with 12 at the end of the show.  If I had more prints, I could have sold a lot more.  Towards the end of the show, the selection became slim pickings!


We had so much fun at this show, we were not ready for it to end!  3 days went by so fast!  We had great vendor neighbors, and met the nicest people.  The staff at Christkindl were also so incredibly nice to us vendors!  I do not have a single complaint about this show.  I cannot wait to apply again in January, and I hope they will accept us back in 2017!  We’ll keep you posted!

Holy Childhood 11/5/16


This was our 4th year at Holy Childhood in Henrietta this year.  We were surprised how much attendance was down from previous years, but we still saw lots of familiar faces and it was nice seeing everyone!  We were located in the gym along the back wall.

There were other shows on the same date (some that were new this year) so perhaps that’s why attendance was down.

Thanks to everyone who did come out to the show and stop by our booth to say hi!







St. Rita’s 32nd Annual Craft Sale in Webster, NY


Eartherella was set up at St. Rita’s 32nd annual craft sale this past weekend.  We were here last year as well, and it was so nice seeing some return customers who came back for our stuff!

We were in the same room as last year (room #2) but we were on the opposite wall this year.  We have new, larger displays this year also, and we have added lots of products to our line since last year, such as handmade soaps and all natural pet products!






This year, St. Rita’s had over 100 vendors!  It was a beautiful day outside, and some vendors even set up outside.   The morning started off very well.  Mid-morning the fire alarms all went off, and the building was evacuated, including vendors.  So we all had to stand outside while the fire department did their thing to make sure it was clear to come back in.  After that, the show pretty much died down drastically.  Not sure if shoppers knew it was ok to come back in or what – but I think they all left! I was told last year that in previous years, there were so many people shopping this show, that there was barely “wiggle room” to get by each other.  But this year, the customers were pretty scarce.  Is the craft show hype dying down?  This has been something lots of vendors have been talking about all year.  2016 has been a strange year.  Some blame the weather, some blame it on it being an election year.  For whatever reason, I hope 2017 is much better!

Thanks to everyone who did come out – and please see our calendar to see where we will be next!