Purple Painted Lady Festival 9-23-17

This was our 3rd year at The Purple Painted Lady Festival, and as usual – this show never disappoints!   There were over 300 artisans to shop from this year!!  The first year we did this show, there were around 50 vendors!  This show continues to grow and just gets better and better every year.  If you stopped by our booth, you probably noticed it looked a little different – because we combined our booth with our good friend, Meghan, of Two Little Red Birds!   Between the two of us, we shared 3 tents.

The weather became a challenge in the afternoon, as temperatures hit near 90º, but everyone still had a great time!  And I’m just thankful it didn’t rain!  The bands played all day long, there were lots of awesome food trucks, a chicken BBQ, an ATM, porta-potties, even lounge areas to rest your feet if needed!  And don’t forget the 300+ raffle items donated by all of the vendors!

We of course had our soaps, soy candles, melts, unpaper towels, lotions, frizzies and some doggie shampoos.  Meghan had all her vinyl work with her funny & inspirational signs on wood, canvas, tumblers, water bottles, onesies and wine glasses!    You can see pictures of our booth from the show below – and remember, anything you see here, can be purchased from the Finger Lakes Artisans store in Victor, NY!  We are open 6 days a week.

You can also see Eartherella & Two Little Birds at the Faith Lutheran Craft Show on Browncroft in Rochester on October 21st, at Holy Childhood on Nov 4, at the Churchmouse Bazaar in Gates on Nov 18th, and at Greece Olympia on Dec 9!  Hope to see you there!

First event of the year at FLCC!

Yesterday was Eartherella‘s first event of the year!  We have made it through winter, and spring has finally arrived.  I just found out a few weeks ago that FLCC was holding a “vendor event” for their students & staff, so thought I would give it a whirl.  It was held on a Monday (yesterday, March 27th) and we were in a room at the end of the hallway.  Since this was held on a Monday, and I had to run my booth alone, I didn’t bring my full stock of products.  But I still had quite a bit to fill up two 6’ tables.

A few soy candle jars & tins, and soy melts were on this table:

On my other table were my soaps, lotions and jumbo lip balms.

It was a very small event, and there were only 5 vendors in the room total.  Here’s a picture of my neighbor’s booth, my good friend Julie Fessner from Crimson Bramble!  Her large chalkboards are a hit at every show!

It wasn’t a very busy show, but everyone who stopped in were so friendly, and we loved meeting the students & faculty members who stopped by.

Want to see where we will be next?  Check out my events page!

School #46, 12/3/16

This was our 2nd year at School #46 – and it took me several years to finally get into this show!  Last year, this was our 2nd best show of the year, and this year it remained one of our best as well.  We absolutely LOVE this show!


We are always located in the hallway at the top of the stairs on the 2nd floor, not far from the elevator.


I unfortunately did not have a lot of unpaper towels at this event, because I sold so many at Christkindl a few weeks ago, but I still sold a lot of what I had left – and received orders for them after the show as well.   I promise to be better stocked in them next year!  I’m already getting a head start 🙂




We have already paid for our booth for next year, and again will be in the same spot as this year & last year.  I also apologize to our customers who came looking for Shower Frizzies, Lip Balms & Lotion Sticks – as I did not have any left for this show.   I will be fully stocked next year, lesson learned!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us and we thank you for your business!  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Purple Painted Lady 2016! #thepurplepaintedladybarnsale

We were so happy to be a part of the Purple Painted Lady’s 6th annual festival!  What an event!!  We were a vendor here last year as well, and we were hooked from last year.  To be honest, we are a little sad it’s over!  I always try to take several pictures of the show, but we were just SO BUSY, I did not get a chance to take any pictures after I took a few pictures of our booth first thing in the morning.  In fact, these pictures were taken before we were even fully set up and didn’t even have our banner up yet!

This was my setup this year at Purple Painted Lady!  Slightly different than last year’s setup, and much different than the other shows I’ve done this year.


Rolls of Unpaper Towels were VERY popular!


And my soy candles & melts are always a big hit.


This was the first show where I was selling my handcrafted soaps!  Several scents, all handmade by me, in small batches.


Soaps, Frizzies, and pet products on this table.


There isn’t a thing I would have changed about this show!  This is all held on the Purple Painted Lady’s property – 20 acres, and another 40 acres across the street! Trish and Steve are the owners and they run this entire event all on their own.  There were almost 170 handcrafted vendors, food trucks, the blogger Miss Mustard Seed, demonstrations, raffles, a live band on the front porch all day, this show is absolutely INCREDIBLE.  I had customers tell me they drove long distances just to get to this show.  They even had drone coverage, which was live on Facebook!  Click here to check out one of the live videos.

In 2017, the date will be 9/23/17, so mark your calendar, this is a DO NOT MISS event!!  We will be there!


NY Lavender Festival in Red Creek

lav fest 9

This was our first year to be a vendor at the Lavender Festival in Red Creek, and we were so glad we decided to do this show!  This was one of the most fun shows we’ve ever done.

This show was from Friday night through Sunday, but we only did Saturday & Sunday.  And from what I hear, it was pretty dead Friday night, so I was glad we did not do Friday night.

We arrived early Saturday morning. It was a beautiful, sunny morning, and the weather cooperated with us most of the day. At around 2pm it rained for just a few minutes, and then the sun came back out.  It did start to get windy though.

lav fest 8

About 1/2 an hour after we got home, we received a call saying there were “tornado like winds” and several vendors lost their tents and/or products, and that our tent had a severely broken leg.  We were fearing the worst – we didn’t know what we were going to walk into Sunday morning.

lav fest 10

But, when we got there Sunday morning, our tent was still fully intact.  One of the legs was indeed bent, but Chris was able to straighten it out.  One of our shelves inside the tent did fall over, but we secured our glass candle jars before we left on Saturday, so there was no damage to our products. Our tins fell but were not damaged. Crisis averted!   At least, for us.  A few other vendors were not so fortunate.  One vendor’s jewelry went all over the place when her tent flew away.  This was definitely another learning experience for us.

Overall though, this was a great festival.  They had lots of activities scheduled throughout the day, including horse & wagon rides both days.  We were right next to the booth for the wagon rides, so we got to watch the beautiful horses both days.  There were also a few miniature horses at the festival, with two of them being walked around so kids could walk them, and people could pet them.  They were just TOO cute!  Had so much fun learning about the miniature horses, and seriously wanted to just take them home with me.

This show had the best atmosphere – we loved our crafting neighbors and the customers too.  The lavender fields were all around us, and people were picking the lavender both days.  Sunday it was much colder (low 60’s) and I forgot my jacket, so I had an extra tablecloth wrapped around me for most of the day.  But we are definitely looking forward to attending this show again next year.

Below are some more photos taken of the festival.  Thanks to everyone who stopped out to see us – and see you here again next year!

lav fest 1

lav fest 2

lav fest 3

lav fest 4

lav fest 5

lav fest 6

lav fest 7


Sulphur Springs Festival in Clifton Springs!


I’ve lived in Clifton Springs since 1999 and I’ve attended the Sulphur Springs Festival a few times over the years, but have never been a vendor at this event.  This year I decided I would be!    The Craft Show started Friday at 4pm through 8pm, and was on Saturday from 9am through 8pm.  There were a lot of festivities going on the entire time.  The crafters were located in a new spot this year – in Rotary Park, which is right on Main Street.

The Flint Creek Band played Friday night and they were fantastic!  I’m a country girl (musically speaking!) so I thoroughly enjoyed the music, and I thought they were great.

We started setting up our booth at 2pm and the heat was in full force!  Weatherbug said it was 77º but it felt like 97º!  It was brutal.   But once we were all set up, we were able to cool down a bit.

Right next to Rotary park was a parking lot for the Clifton Springs Hospital employees, and they emptied this parking lot for all the food trucks.  There was no shortage of food at all!  They had everything from burgers, to Mexican, to German food, a lemonade stand, ice cream, and more.


Saturday, there were a lot of events going happening on Main Street.  They had part of Main Street blocked off for the festivities, but the part that was blocked off was not the part where the vendors were located, it was on the opposite end.  So for the crafters & vendors, there was a lot of downtime on Saturday, but it picked up significantly at around 2pm when people started getting ready for the parade, which started at 6pm.


And the parade was great.  We really enjoyed it.  We were told it was going to be at least 2 hours long, but it was just under an hour long.  There were some festival goers who were shopping during the parade.  But after the parade ended, there were swarms of people shopping everywhere!

The event coordinators checked up on us regularly (and even called all crafters the night before to let us know where our spots were), and always came around to make sure we didn’t need anything.  I thought the coordinators did a great job.  We also had great neighbors at the craft show who also made the overall event even that much more fun.  We are looking forward to coming back next year!

Thanks to everyone who came out to say hi!

Here are a few more pictures of the parade!




School of the Holy Childhood Art & Craft sale 11/7/15

We were a vendor at the School of the Holy Childhood in Henrietta this past Saturday.  This was our 3rd year at this show, but our first as Eartherella,  and as usual, we had an amazing time!   We met so many nice vendors and customers, and saw a lot of familiar faces from the previous years we were here.
holychildhood 2015b

We received so many compliments on our soy candles and melts, and had a few compliments from customers who purchased our Un-Paper Towels last year who stopped by to either tell us how much they still love them, or to buy a new set!

holy childhood 2015c

A couple new products we had at this show were lemon frizzies, and “stinky dog spray”! Which were both a hit!

stinky dog spray


Our upcoming schedule is:

11/14 – Neil Armstrong Elementary School in Greece
11/21 – Ionia Bloomfield Middle School in Bloomfield
12/5 –  Charles Carroll #46 School in Rochester
12/12 – GoMad Greece Olympia Music Boosters in Greece



St. Rita’s Craft Show in Webster, NY


We were at St. Rita’s in Webster today for their 31st Annual Craft Show and it was so much fun!  We had a wonderful day, and met so many nice people.  This was our first time at this particular show, and we are already excited to do it again next year!

We were in a small classroom with only 4 other vendors, but are hoping to get a spot in the gym next year!

Thanks to everyone who stopped over to our booth!


Here’s where we will be be next!

10/24 – St. John’s Christian Preschool in Farmington
11/7 –  Holy Childhood in Henrietta
11/14 – Neil Armstrong Elementary School in Greece
11/21 – Ionia Bloomfield Middle School in Bloomfield
12/5 –  Charles Carroll #46 School in Rochester
12/12 – GoMad Greece Olympia Music Boosters in Greece

Purple Painted Lady Craft Show 9/26/15


How is it that I’ve lived in this area almost my entire life and until recently, I had never heard of the Purple Painted Lady?!  I don’t know how that’s possible, but I’m glad I have finally discovered her!   She (Trish) and her husband Steve run the Purple Painted Lady Barn Sale Jubilee at their home on 20 acres.  What an event! I have never quite experienced anything like this, but it was AWESOME. This year they had a record breaking 100 vendors!   I’m not quite sure how many visitors we had throughout the day (I will update once I find this information) but there were thousands.

This show was SO well organized, I wish they could run some of the other shows I do 🙂  Everything ran like clockwork, and let me tell you – they know how to advertise!  We’re talking even billboards!   This is a one day event, and this was their 5th year of running this show.  I absolutely cannot wait until next year so we can participate again!

Below are some photos of my booth at this show, and the few pics I took of the show around us (it is only a tiny glimpse, believe me).

If you attended this show as a vendor or a shopper, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this show!