I was a vendor at another local craft show today.  This one was at Vienna Gardens in Phelps, NY.  I’ve been doing this one for several years.  Sometimes I do really well at this one and sometimes it’s slow.  They had twice the amount of vendor as they usually do (over 45) and it was a little busy at times, but slow for most of the day.  Vienna Gardens is a senior living community, and it’s right on Main Street.  They did have their sign out for about a month and advertised pretty well.

I didn’t do amazing today, but it was still worth the short trip there (just 10 minutes from home).  I did start selling my Unpaper Towels before the show even opened.  Other vendors were shopping before they opened the doors.


My washable & reusable swiffer replacement items were my biggest sellers at this one.


I brought my fleece scarves, hats and balaclavas to this show too, and sold a few of those.



I always bring my vinyl dog & cat placemats at this show too, they are regular sellers at this show.

A lot of people in this area have pets.  We even saw a couple of really cute puppies today!


And of course, my candles.  Sold some of these as well.


I did do better last year, but will probably still do this show again next year.  I like the atmosphere in this one, they always have Christmas music playing during the show, they give you generous sized spaces, the booth fee is only $25, and of course, there are always really nice vendors!  Met some super nice people!

Overall, I’m happy with how the show went today.

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