How is it that I’ve lived in this area almost my entire life and until recently, I had never heard of the Purple Painted Lady?!  I don’t know how that’s possible, but I’m glad I have finally discovered her!   She (Trish) and her husband Steve run the Purple Painted Lady Barn Sale Jubilee at their home on 20 acres.  What an event! I have never quite experienced anything like this, but it was AWESOME. This year they had a record breaking 100 vendors!   I’m not quite sure how many visitors we had throughout the day (I will update once I find this information) but there were thousands.

This show was SO well organized, I wish they could run some of the other shows I do 🙂  Everything ran like clockwork, and let me tell you – they know how to advertise!  We’re talking even billboards!   This is a one day event, and this was their 5th year of running this show.  I absolutely cannot wait until next year so we can participate again!

Below are some photos of my booth at this show, and the few pics I took of the show around us (it is only a tiny glimpse, believe me).

If you attended this show as a vendor or a shopper, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this show!









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