Phew. I. am. exhausted!

We just wrapped up The (amazing) Purple Painted Lady Festival yesterday. I’m still recuperating! I have been making products for this event for months, and we finally set up our display on Friday, and the event was Saturday & Sunday. I’m not sure of the number of people who attended this festival yet, but Trish, (THE Purple Painted Lady herself) was estimating around 14,000 were expected. It wouldn’t surprise me if even more attended. We were swamped all weekend! And it was awesome.

It’s always a good feeling when you load up a lot less at the end of the event than you loaded up at the beginning of the event! As much as I tried to have enough of everything for everyone, I still ran out of certain scents of different products. But the good news is you can order it directly off my website and get free shipping to boot.

It was also a super hot weekend with temperatures in the mid to high 80’s. Sometimes the heat will keep people from coming to an outdoor event, so I am very thankful to everyone who braved the heat to come out and see me and support my little business. I loved all the familiar faces, as well as meeting so many new customers and some of you who told me how you follow me on my social media posts. Your support means the world to me!

I will definitely be back at The Purple Painted Lady Festival in 2020, so I hope to see you back again next year! In the mean time, I will be at Christkindl in Canandaigua on November 8-10 and at the Eastside Y on December 7th. As always, you can order online and pick up your orders at my events.

Here are some of my pics of my booth at The Purple Painted Lady Festival this year. Thank you again for your support and I hope to see you again soon!


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