We love our Frizzies!  I actually made these for just our household, and then one day decided to package them up and I sold them at a craft show.  I almost completely sold out of them.  I couldn’t believe how popular they were, and the feedback I received from them was overwhelming.  I’m so glad everyone loves them, and they are now available in our online store.

Our heart shaped Frizzies have many uses:

  • Use as shower vapor tablets.  Place one on a shelf or on the floor of your shower, and when the hot water & steam hits the Frizzies, the essential oils mix with the steam and do a great job at clearing out your sinuses.
  • Use as toilet bombs.  Place one in your toilet daily to keep your toilet clean & refreshed between scrubbings.
  • Use as bath bombs.  Just place one in your bath water and it will frizz and scent your water like peppermint & lavender.
  • Smelly garbage disposal?  Place a Frizzy in a garbage disposal with a little water to clean it out.
  • Wet one with a little water and scrub between hands to remove dirt, grease and grime.

Our Frizzies are made with all natural ingredients and contain no harsh chemicals.

There are 8 Frizzies per container.

Ingredients:  Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Peppermint Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil