St. Rita’s Craft Show in Webster, NY


We were at St. Rita’s in Webster today for their 31st Annual Craft Show and it was so much fun!  We had a wonderful day, and met so many nice people.  This was our first time at this particular show, and we are already excited to do it again next year!

We were in a small classroom with only 4 other vendors, but are hoping to get a spot in the gym next year!

Thanks to everyone who stopped over to our booth!


Here’s where we will be be next!

10/24 – St. John’s Christian Preschool in Farmington
11/7 –  Holy Childhood in Henrietta
11/14 – Neil Armstrong Elementary School in Greece
11/21 – Ionia Bloomfield Middle School in Bloomfield
12/5 –  Charles Carroll #46 School in Rochester
12/12 – GoMad Greece Olympia Music Boosters in Greece

Purple Painted Lady Craft Show 9/26/15


How is it that I’ve lived in this area almost my entire life and until recently, I had never heard of the Purple Painted Lady?!  I don’t know how that’s possible, but I’m glad I have finally discovered her!   She (Trish) and her husband Steve run the Purple Painted Lady Barn Sale Jubilee at their home on 20 acres.  What an event! I have never quite experienced anything like this, but it was AWESOME. This year they had a record breaking 100 vendors!   I’m not quite sure how many visitors we had throughout the day (I will update once I find this information) but there were thousands.

This show was SO well organized, I wish they could run some of the other shows I do 🙂  Everything ran like clockwork, and let me tell you – they know how to advertise!  We’re talking even billboards!   This is a one day event, and this was their 5th year of running this show.  I absolutely cannot wait until next year so we can participate again!

Below are some photos of my booth at this show, and the few pics I took of the show around us (it is only a tiny glimpse, believe me).

If you attended this show as a vendor or a shopper, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this show!









Ionia Bloomfield Fireman’s Festival 9/19/15


We had our first show as Eartherella on Saturday, and we were a huge hit!  We were a vendor at the Ionia Fireman’s Festival in Bloomfield (Ionia).  I could not be any more happier with the turnout of the show and the response to our products.  This was our trial run for a very busy and exciting fall season for shows!  We have a HUGE show coming up this Saturday at Purple Painted Lady in Palmyra NY and we will be even more prepared for this show than ever.

I sold so many soy candles, rolls of unpaper towels and swiffer replacement products that I am in a huge time crunch this week not only having to replace everything I sold, but I need even more inventory for this Saturday than I had last weekend.  This week is going to be CRAZY!!


We originally had white rope to hang the banner up, but because of the frame on the tent, it was very difficult to get it to hang straight.  So Chris used bungee cords we had in the SUV, and unfortunately they were all different colors, so it didn’t look real pretty!  So white bungee cords are on our list for this week, as well as longer tablecloths.  (I HATE when you can see what’s underneath the tables!)


It rained lightly on and off throughout the day but most of the day it was clear and quite warm.  Met lots of great people – both customers and vendors.   Ate lots of yummy food at the festival, and just had a very fun day.


Thanks to everyone who came out to the festival and stopped by our booth to say hi!

We will be at these upcoming shows – stop by our booth and say hi if you’re around!

9/26 –  The Purple Painted Lady in Palmyra
10/17 – Saint Rita Church (SCHOOL) in Webster
10/24 – St. John’s Christian Preschool in Farmington
11/7 –  Holy Childhood in Henrietta
11/14 – Neil Armstrong Elementary School in Greece
11/21 – Ionia Bloomfield Middle School in Bloomfield
12/5 –  Charles Carroll #46 School in Rochester
12/12 – GoMad Greece Olympia Music Boosters in Greece

Holy Childhood Craft Show!

This was our 2nd year doing the Holy Childhood craft show, and it was so much fun, yet again!

This was the front of our booth.  We had these “cubbies” and I placed my un-paper towels in them, front and center.  Chris placed white lights behind them for me.


On the one side, I had vinyl embroidered pet placemats, pet bandanas, and fleece hats & scarves.



On the other side I had my soy candles, and all my Swiffer replacement products, such as dusters, sweeper pads and wet-jet pads.



We had a lot of traffic in this room, all day long.  We met so many nice customers, and were so happy to see customers that remembered us from last year!  So many bought my Swiffer replacement products and un-paper towels last year, and came back for more!  That is the best compliment ever.

I nearly sold out of my pads for the swiffer sweepers, and the fleece dusters, and sold tons of other stuff, like candles, un-paper towels, placemats and even fleece hats and scarves.   Needless to say, when we packed up, our load was a lot lighter than when we got there!

And at the end of the day, we did even better than we did last year!   This is the best show we’ve ever done!  We are thrilled with the results, and thrilled that Holy Childhood accommodated our needs for a new space.  We had so much fun!  Can’t wait to go again next year, we wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Oh, and by the way, they are known for their pies.  I bought a peach blackberry pie last year and it was to-die-for.  We bought another one today, and Chris and my parents each bought Apple Crumb pies.  They made over 1,000 pies for this event today, and they sold out by late afternoon!  That is a LOT of pies!!

Our Fall 2014 Craft Shows!

Because of my work schedule, I sadly did not think I was going to be able to attend any craft shows this year.   I was in retail management and working 60-70 hours with only 1 day off a week, and that would have been too difficult to make products to sell at craft shows.  But a series of events happened to me at my job, such as being robbed at knife point, which pushed me over the edge.  With the full support of my family, I quit my very dangerous and thankless job with the worst company in history (Dollar General), and now I am free to do craft shows once again.  I love crafting things and this is where my heart is.  So I’m thrilled to announce that my calendar is quickly filling up with shows that I will be attending as a vendor.

Here’s where you can find Eartherella this season:

November 1 – Holy Childhood in Henrietta (did this one last year, it was my favorite one all year!)

November 8 – Red Jacket School in Shortsville

November 15 – Vienna Gardens in Phelps, NY (have done this one every year for the last 7 years or so)

November 22 – Bloomfield Elementary School

December 6 – Southeast Bible Baptist Church in Penfield

I’m still waiting on final confirmation from a few others, but will be updating this list as they are confirmed.

If you attend any of these shows, “bee” sure to stop by my booth and say hello!




12/7/13 Craft show at RHYM St. Marianne Cope in Henrietta / Rochester NY

I’ve taken a couple of weeks off from doing craft shows because of the Thanksgiving Holiday (and having to recover from Black Friday shopping, lol!) and I also came down with my yearly dose of bronchitis.  So I needed a little rest from craft shows for a couple weeks, even though I really love doing them!

Today I did a craft show in Henrietta, NY.  It was the their 9th Annual Santa’s Workshop at St. Marianne Cope on East Henrietta Road, and it was to benefit the RHYM (Rush Henrietta Youth Ministries).   I had heard good things about this show so I decided to give it a go.  The booth fee was very reasonable (a 14’x7′ space for just $38), and it was in a high traffic area.

I usually set up my booth in a “U” shape with three tables, where people walk around the outside of my booth.  But when I emailed to verify my space size and setup (because of what happened in Brockport), I was promptly told I could not do a “U” shaped booth.  I was told I could not set up like that. Which I thought was odd, because if I’m paying for a space I should be able to set up my booth whatever way I want.  But I decided to just use two 6′ tables straight across.  I’ve never set up this way so was interested to see how this would work out.

We got there at 7am to set up and we were promptly greeted with helping hands.  They were so very nice and helped us unload our vehicle, showed us to our booth spot and even helped us set up our tables.  They were a huge help and for that we were very thankful!  Throughout the day, we were asked if we wanted anything for breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages.  They took orders from all the vendors and quickly delivered to us as well. When it was time to break down, more helping hands came around asking if we needed any help loading our vehicles, and picked up any trash we had.  We’ve been to other shows where we were told there would be “helpers” but never saw them.  I have to say, this show excelled in this category.  Thank you so much to all of the helpers!  It was organized very well.

So here was what my booth looked like when it was set up.  I actually liked the two tables straight across.


I do have to say, I was expecting much more traffic.   And I was told there were only about 23 vendors, and there were a lot of empty spots.  There were names on some spots, so it appeared that some vendors just did not show up.   We did the show at Holy Childhood in Henrietta last month and it was great, and had lots of traffic.  The traffic in this show was just not there.   It seemed that for most of the day, the only traffic was other vendors walking around.

Shortly after it opened at 9am, there was a little rush of customers, and then for hours it was dead.  The only good thing about this is that we had time to chat with our fellow vendors, and once again, we met some incredibly nice people!

The very nice lady in the booth next to me, Gail, was selling these really gorgeous wine bottles that light up and they are decorated so pretty on the outside.   She had all colors of wine bottles and she does special orders by request.  This is what her booth looked like:



Another really nice vendor across from us, John,  had a gorgeous booth (wish I had taken a pic) and he had all wood products.  I believe everything in his booth was under $20.  He had some really nice exotic wood pens that I was checking out, but that was just a small portion of all his wood products. Lots of keepsake stuff for kids, as well as adults.

What’s weird about this show, is that in the last hour of the show, there one was last rush of customers and we made more in the last hour than we made the rest of the day!  We didn’t do great at this show, but it did end up being worth the trip.

Would I do this specific show again?   Probably not.  The show itself seemed to be organized really well, but I don’t think they advertised enough.  There were a lot of craft shows in the area today and I think shoppers were going to the bigger shows that advertised heavily and had a lot more vendors.  Would you be more likely to go to a craft show that advertised that there would be 70+ vendors, or one that had just 23 or so?   Plus, I haven’t done many shows in the Rochester area and there are so many every year, I’d like to try some others and see which ones suit my products best.

I like to think that I learn something new from every show.  One of the many lessons I learned from today’s show was “specifically request a booth that is NOT in a corner”.  When you are in a corner, people tend to cut your booth off and walk right by.  And the funny part about that, is that I have noticed that a lot of shows charge extra for corner spaces!  Trust me, corners are bad.  Live and learn.

So anyways, here are some more pictures of my booth and the room we were in.  If you were a vendor or shopper at this show,  I welcome your comments below!  Let me know how you did or what you thought about this show!





New product on the left – washable sponges! They have an absorbent core in the center of them.
This brown/floral roll of unpaper towels was one of my new prints, I just made it this week. It was the first one I sold today!
Lots of empty space…..


11/16/13 Craft Show at Vienna Gardens in Phelps, NY


I was a vendor at another local craft show today.  This one was at Vienna Gardens in Phelps, NY.  I’ve been doing this one for several years.  Sometimes I do really well at this one and sometimes it’s slow.  They had twice the amount of vendor as they usually do (over 45) and it was a little busy at times, but slow for most of the day.  Vienna Gardens is a senior living community, and it’s right on Main Street.  They did have their sign out for about a month and advertised pretty well.

I didn’t do amazing today, but it was still worth the short trip there (just 10 minutes from home).  I did start selling my Unpaper Towels before the show even opened.  Other vendors were shopping before they opened the doors.


My washable & reusable swiffer replacement items were my biggest sellers at this one.


I brought my fleece scarves, hats and balaclavas to this show too, and sold a few of those.



I always bring my vinyl dog & cat placemats at this show too, they are regular sellers at this show.

A lot of people in this area have pets.  We even saw a couple of really cute puppies today!


And of course, my candles.  Sold some of these as well.


I did do better last year, but will probably still do this show again next year.  I like the atmosphere in this one, they always have Christmas music playing during the show, they give you generous sized spaces, the booth fee is only $25, and of course, there are always really nice vendors!  Met some super nice people!

Overall, I’m happy with how the show went today.

11/9/13 Craft Show in Brockport, NY


Yes, I did another craft show today!  This one was in Brockport, NY. (Brockport Kiwanis) It was about a little over an hour from home.  This is so far the longest we’ve driven to go to a craft show.  I was extremely excited about this show because it was supposed to be *HUGE*.  There were  74 vendors, which is twice the vendors from the show we did last week, where we did very well.  This was also juried, which means you had to submit pictures of your work, and then they let you know if they want you for their show.  Juried shows are nice because you don’t have much duplication in the products being sold, and they are usually higher quality items.

I worked my butt off for this show.  Very late nights every night just getting ready for this show, and spent all day Thursday & Friday getting ready for it as well. Chris helped me with making stuff yesterday too. Last night, we went to bed at 1am and got up at 5am this morning as we had to be there by 7am to start setting up.  Running on 4 hours of sleep!

We had been told it would be a 10×7 space.  10′ would be our “storefront” and it would be 7′ deep.  In all the other shows we’ve done, your spot does not include room for buyers to walk down each side of your booth.

To our surprise, our 10′ spot was it.  We were right up against the tables of the booths on both sides of us.  There was absolutely NO room for anyone to walk around.  So we had to set up our booth completely different than we usually do.

Which was disappointing, because I had bought new displays this week and knew exactly how I wanted it set up.  But, because of the space limitations, we were forced to set up differently.  Instead of having people be able to walk down both sides of our booth, we had to set it up so they had to walk INTO the booth.


This gave us NO room to sit, NO room to stand without being in the main aisle or blocking our own merchandise, and we quickly found out that people did NOT like to walk into a booth.  So we had mainly passer-by’s who didn’t even glance in our direction.

The booth on one side of us just had 2 small tables, and  on the other side of them, the person did not show up for the show.  So they had a 10′ empty spot right next to them.  We asked them if they’d be willing to move over, and they moved over about 2 inches and wouldn’t move over any more, because they were already set up and apparently thought sliding their two little tables was too much effort 🙁

This bothered us because we are the type of people who will always do whatever we can to help out our neighbors.  And it wouldn’t have hurt them at all to just move down a couple feet, since they had 10′ of open space next to them.

Due to the setup with them being right up against us, we felt “hidden”. Another vendor we knew who was there today said he was looking for us, and when Chris met him in the parking lot after the show was over, he told Chris that he had been looking for us but couldn’t find us.

This show cost us $60 for the booth, and we made just enough to pay for the booth and gas money to get there and home.

We spoke to several other vendors at the show, and many of them told us that they felt the Brockport Kiwanis just cared about filling this huge gym with vendors at $60 a booth, and not at all about the vendors themselves.  First thing this morning, we were told that someone would be coming around at lunchtime to take our food orders and would even bring the food back to us, but no one ever came to our booth.

To say we were greatly disappointed in this craft show would be an understatement.  We will not be doing this show again. Live and learn!

Anyways, here are some pics of our booth for this show.


I bought these 4-cube sets at Dollar General, and I loved the way they displayed my un-paper towels!

The vendor on the other side (a very lovely lady!) had her items lit up with lights, and they lit up our cubes very nicely at the same time.  We actually wanted lights in our cubes but ran out of time, so this worked out perfectly!







On the bright side, we met so many nice vendors!  And even though it was an exhausting, tiring day that made practically no money, we walked away with several lessons learned.  I believe every show is a learning experience, no matter how many times you’ve done a show.  And we are doing a show at Vienna Gardens in Phelps next weekend, so on another positive note, I don’t have to kill myself making stuff for that show, since I sold almost nothing today! 🙂

11/2 Craft show at HolyChildhood in Rochester, NY!

My BF and I were vendors at Holychildhood’s Art & Craft show in Rochester, NY today. We’ve never done this particular show before, and I was really excited, because I’ve heard only great things about this show.

We were not disappointed.

We had an AMAZING day selling our crafts here today!

My soy candles,un-paper towels,and various swiffer replacement products were a huge hit.

I worked so hard getting everything ready for this show, and it definitely paid off.  I was running on only 4 hours of sleep from last night, but I was having so much fun I didn’t even realize how exhausted I was until the ride home.  That 45-minute drive home seemed to last for hours.

My BF made me this wood display for my soy candles yesterday.  What do you think?  Isn’t it awesome?

It’s 4 steps high and displays all of my soy candles so beautifully!  I sold lots of candles off of this display!


Here’s the side view of the candle display he made for me.

I keep the lids off of some of the candles because  the smell from the candles brings people over.

They always comment on how good it smells in there.


Another pic of my booth.  I had 3 tables, set up in a U-shape.


This was the main table in front.  It had all my un-paper towels on it.  They were very popular, and customers kept bringing their friends & family over to check them out.


The other table had all of my Swiffer replacement products on it.  Swiffer wet-jet pads, Swiffer dusters, and Swiffer dry sweeper pads.  All washable and reusable!


My parents even came out to check out the craft fair.

It was a fantastic day!

We met so many nice people (customers and fellow vendors) and I already can’t wait to do this fair again next year!

If you’re local and missed us today, you can find us at the following craft shows: (and we will have more coming up!)

  • 11/9 – Brockport Kiwanis Craft Fair, 4927 Lake Road, Brockport, NY– just up the hill behind Aldi’s
  • 11/16 – Vienna Gardens, Route 96 (Main Street) in Phelps NY
  • 12/7  –  Santa’s Workshop Gift & Craft Sale – located at Guardian Angels Church which is located at 2061 E. Henrietta Rd (West side of East Henrietta Rd, between Castle Rd. and Hollybrook Rd; 1/4 mile south of 390 exit 14).

Hope to see you at the next one!

10/28 Craft Show in Farmington, NY


I was a vendor at a craft show in Farmington, NY on Saturday.  I had never done this particular show before, so I was unsure of what kind of results I would have gotten from it.  We had to use our Tom-Tom to get directions because we were not familiar with the specific area, and it took us on all kinds of back country roads.  The show was at a Church/Preschool and it was way out in the country.  We didn’t even know this place existed, and it only took us about 15-20 minutes to get there from home.

I was hesitant to sign up for this show, because I have a bigger show the following weekend, and this show was only offering an 8′ table for space.  I’m used to setting my stuff up in a 10×10 area, and was afraid my booth would be too cluttered in such a small space.  But the very nice woman who coordinated the event said she’d be happy to accommodate me for space size, so I went ahead and signed up. It was $30 for the booth space.

The last 2 weeks I really went to town making my products, especially Swiffer pads and Unpaper towels.  It took me about 2 days just to package everything up.  My BF goes with me to the craft shows, so he really makes it easy on me.  He loads and unloads everything for me!


My booth name, of course, is Crafty Little Bee, and everything was labeled as such.  I had my website and my Etsy shop listed on all my business cards, and my etsy shop was listed on the product labels.

I was really excited about this Fall season of craft shows, because I FINALLY have a Smartphone and thanks to Intuit GoPayment, I can accept credit cards at my shows!  (Click here to get your FREE credit card reader! There’s NO monthly fees!)

My very first sale, within minutes after the show started, was for a roll of unpaper towels, and she paid by credit card!  I knew at that point, that it was going to be a good day. The show was only 6 hours long, and sold so much stuff!

I sold a few rolls of unpaper towels, many swiffer pads, a few fleece swiffer dusters, a few purse tissue holders, and lots of my soy candles.  I had the lids off of a few of them, and everyone told me how that’s all they could smell throughout the building.  And they weren’t even lit!   I had my business cards on my booth in various locations, and by the end of the day, all of my cards were gone.  I had a lot of people say they were going to contact me online because they wanted special order items.

One lady wanted unpaper towels in a certain print that I didn’t have at the show.  Another lady wanted a 30 oz. candle in Lavender and another in Cinnamon (which I didn’t have at the show – only smaller sized candles in those scents) and another lady wanted to order some swiffer pads for her dry mop instead of for her wet mop, which I haven’t been selling yet, but I do make them.

It ended up being a VERY successful day, and my BF and I were both very happy with our sales. We had unloaded 4 Rubbermaid bins of stuff for the show, and when we went to pack up, we only had 2 1/2 bins filled up from what was left over.

Here are a few more pics from my booth.  It is a work in progress!  BF is going to be making me some tiered wood shelves to display my candles on so I eventually won’t have to keep bringing the black plastic shelving.  And I have some more display ideas for the next show.  We’ll see what I can come up with this week, as my next show is in Henrietta, NY next Saturday!   It’s going to be an EXTREMELY busy week, especially since I have to replenish what sold on Saturday and I need even more than I had this past weekend for the upcoming show!

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