New product: Hand & Body Lotions!

Ahhh!  We are so excited to finally be rolling out our line of hand & body lotions!  We have been using as many “skin safe” fragrances for our soy candles & melts as we can.  As you probably know, the soy candles we have made with our skin safe fragrances can be used as hand lotions as the wax melts.  And now we offer actual hand & body lotion as well.  All of those scents you see in our handmade soaps – we have available in lotions.   So many amazing fragrances!  So now those candles you love the scent of and wish you could smother all over your body – you can, in lotion form!

Our lotions are thick and creamy, and never greasy, and all contain Aloe Vera Gel.

Shop our hand & body lotions here!

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