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All of our candles and melts are hand poured with 100% natural soy wax and they are very highly fragranced.  They contain no dyes, and only all natural cotton wicks.  Our 14 oz jars are brand new jars made for our candles, but our 30 oz jars are all made of recycled food jars that have been cleaned and sterilized.  Our 30 oz candles are very limited, as we only make them when we can get the jars.

Why soy?

  • Soy wax, which comes from soy beans, doesn’t contain pollutants.  It is all natural and contains no toxins.
  • Soy is biodegradable.
  • You don’t get nearly the amount of black soot on your jars as you do with paraffin wax candles. Plus, we use wicks that eliminate the black soot even more.
  • Clean up of Soy can be done by using soap and water, so containers can be reused for additional candles or other items. Spills onto clothing, tablecloths, and carpet are easier to clean off.
  • Our wicks are made specifically for soy candles and do not contain any zinc or lead like other wicks.
  • Soy wax helps support American Soy Bean Farmers
  • Soy wax burns completely, while paraffin usually will leave a portion of the wax at the bottom of the container.
  • Soy wax burns at a cooler temperature which makes the burn time for the candle longer, so that you can enjoy your candle even more.

We are sure you will love our soy candles.

If you run a store or business and would like to sell our candles in your shop, please contact us.  We live in the Rochester NY area and would love to work with you.  We also offer private labels if you are interested.  Just contact us.