I use sprinkles on a lot of my products, and I get asked if my sprinkles are real… Every. Single. Time.

So let’s talk about the sprinkles.

Are your sprinkles real or wax? Everyone wants to know if the sprinkles on my wax melts are real or wax. Well, they are “real” sugar sprinkles and since a lot of the sprinkles contain an ingredient called Carnauba Wax, technically you could say they were made of wax. But yes, they are food sprinkles. Sprinkles you can put on your favorite cupcakes and eat them. But, you know, if you get sprinkles on my wax melts… DON’T EAT THEM. (If you know, you know..)

Won’t they burn? So once everyone finds out the sprinkles are food sprinkles, the next question is always “won’t they burn?”. The answer is no, if used as directed and the wax melts are placed in an electric wax melter. Electric wax melters have regulated heat and they do not get hot enough to melt or burn the sprinkles. They only get warm enough to warm your wax melts so you can smell the fragrance throughout your room.

If you were to place these wax melts with sprinkles in a tea light wax melter, they could very possibly burn, because tea light melters are not regulated and get way too hot. You’re literally putting the wax melts under fire. It’s like setting them in a pan on your stove.

Do they smell when melting? No, when used in an electric wax melter, there is no smell when melting the wax melts.

So why bother adding the sprinkles? Because sprinkles are fun! And they make everything pretty! The sprinkles are just for aesthetics. They add a little character to the products.

Donut wax melts with Valentine sprinkles on them

Are they hard to clean out of your wax melter? Nope, not at all. They come right out with your wax, and don’t stick to the bottom of the dish in your electric wax melter at all.

What about the sprinkles in your candles? The only candle I make with sprinkles is my Birthday Cake candles. The sprinkles are adhered to the sides of the inside of the candle before I pour in the wax, and when the candle burns, the sprinkles stay attached to the sides of the jar. You might get a few that get loose and float around in your wax, but the majority of them remain on the inside of the sides of the jar, so they do not burn or affect the burn of your candle in any way.

Click here to see a video of the making of these birthday cake candles!

Birthday Cake soy candle with sprinkles on the inside of the jar

Are the sprinkles in your bath bombs real too? So the sprinkles in my bath bombs are not food sprinkles at all. For my bath products I have to follow FDA regulations, and for these products I make my own FDA approved sprinkles. The ingredients in these sprinkles are all approved for bath & cosmetic products.

Birthday Cake slice bath bomb with FDA approved sprinkles

I hope this answers all your sprinkle questions! And do I have an obsession with sprinkles? The answer is yes. Will I still continue to buy them every time I see them? Also yes. My name is Valerie and I am a sprinkle addict.

A very small sample of my sprinkle collection

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